Based in Australia, Supporting VFX & Locations
Around the World

Myriad Studios provides niche technical tools and advice to Feature Films, Visual Effects Departments, Construction Departments, Art Departments and Game Producers.

The company specialises in delivering three-dimensional digital locations, landscapes and models; created using LiDAR, photogrammetry, scanning, and VFX tools.

Our clients are known to use our work for pre-vis, previews, match-move, modelling, layout and Virtual Production


High speed three-dimensional laser scanning providing accurate mapping, scaled environments, sets and objects.

Super high quality, ultra realistic scan and varying textured data, delivered as per clients requirements and file formats.


Registration, high density colourised point clouds and delivery formats specific for VFX, Set Design, Construction and Gaming.

Delivering point clouds, .OBJ, photogrammetry files, with seamless integration of LIDAR, photogrammetry and high resolution bracketed textured data.


Surveying locations remotely and virtually is the future of filmmaking.

Our detailed models provide options for virtual walk-throughs and remote location surveying.

Myriad Studios is a niche film-tech company in Australia, designed to service the needs of international film producers and Game Developers; capable of exporting world wide.