LiDAR, Cyber and VFX Scanning on Location Company

Dedicated entirely to the Motion Picture & Gaming Industries

Who We Are

Our team's global experience spans more than two decades of Movie VFX and Film Location work, supporting Studios such as Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, Netflix and Paramount Pictures.

We differentiate ourselves by supplying more than just digital models – we offer understanding, experience and an exceptional track record.

Our Specialty

Myriad Studios specialises in delivering three-dimensional digital locations, sets, props and people; created using LiDAR, Cyber Scanning, photogrammetry, and other VFX tools.

Our work is used for a range of applications including pre-vis, match-move, modelling, layout, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, eXtended Reality and Virtual Production.

Let's Get to Work
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Village Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast, Australia